# BikeIM Download: **[BikeIM 0.7](/bikeim-0.7.tar.xz) [[sig]](/bikeim-0.7.tar.xz.asc)** (July 20, 2017) Git repo: git clone 0.7 commit 0fbb73a9cb08a98988f5db6e978ed32348c2e17b [BikeIM]( is an Mail Client written in Python designed to replace Mutt, mailx, Thunderbird, and a few other clients. It supports encryption and signing with PGP as a standard feature. It was designed with security in mind so that users never have to fear a crash or weakness compromising their computer or their mail. Versions of this mail client have been tested for 10 years. BikeIM is not a [PIM](/wiki/PIM) and doesn't support calendar, todo lists, or user metadata. * [Bugs](/wiki/bugs) * [Crashes](/wiki/crashes) * [Features](/wiki/features) * [Patches](/wiki/patches) * [Contributions](/wiki/contributions) This wiki has [an RSS here ![RSS icon](/wiki/static/img/rss.png)](/wi ki/rss.xml) This wiki has an active IRC channel on EFnet #altsci and the RSS feed is communicated in real-time by an IRC bot.