# Publishing BikeIM * Validate the both [bugs](/wiki/bugs) and [features](/wiki/features) for this version. * Run pyflakes and pylint. ```sh mkdir pftest2 cp -ir bikeim/ pftest2/ cd pftest2 ls pyflakes pyflakes cp -i ../ . pyflakes cp -i ../ . pyflakes pyflakes bikeim/ pyflakes bikeim/ pyflakes bikeim/ pyflakes bikeim/ pylint -E pylint -E pylint -E bikeim/ pylint -E bikeim/ pylint -E bikeim/ pylint -E bikeim/ pylint pylint bikeim/ cd .. ``` * Test thoroughly for like hours. * Update the version number in * Tag and push to git. ```sh git add git gui git commit -S git tag 0.7 git push git push --tags ``` * Tar it up and push to web. ```sh git archive --format=tar --output=bikeim-0.7.tar --prefix=bikeim-0.7/ HEAD tar tf bikeim-0.7.tar xz bikeim-0.7.tar gpg -ab bikeim-0.7.tar.xz scp -P221 bikeim-0.7.tar.xz* ``` * Take screenshots and post on website. * Redact e-mail addresses unless they are part of a publicly archived list (fd, oss-sec, git). If it's anything else, people might guess that you're not smart enough to tell private from public information. * Redaction requires hurl and pixelize filters. Pixelize on alpha always leaks, so make a layer with and a layer without alpha use the one with alpha to set the alpha of the one without so you get 255/0 alpha on the pixelized layer. * Don't bother pixelizing e-mails, just white out anything private. * Update the website. ```bash emacs /home/www/bikeim/index.html ``` ```html <div>Updated: July 20, 2017</div> <a href="bikeim-0.7.tar.xz">BikeIM 0.7</a> <a href="bikeim-0.7.tar.xz.asc">[sig]</a><br> ``` * Update [the wiki](/wiki). ```markdown Download: **[BikeIM 0.7](/bikeim-0.7.tar.xz) [[sig]](/bikeim-0.7.tar.xz.asc)** (July 20, 2017) Git repo: git clone 0.7 commit 0fbb73a9cb08a98988f5db6e978ed32348c2e17b ``` * download archive and signature. Verify signature. ```bash gpg --verify ~/ffff/bikeim-0.7.tar.xz.asc ``` * [Tweet about it]( * Tell people who you know about it. * Release something interesting and link to BikeIM from it. * Check the calendar on [the homepage]( * Update the topic in #altsci. ```irc /topic git updates BikeIM 7/20 || JRSFuzz 7/14 || Unproprietary 6/2 || SWW 3/15 || ```